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Marvel Recruit is a recruitment agency, specialising in filling and providing temporary and permanent placements across a multitude of sectors for both the public and private.

Young Millennials

Work placements

We can help you secure your dream job in digital marketing, social media or administration.

We can also help you secure work placements/work experience positions on various schemes such as Kickstart, T Levels, Apprentice, and Traineeship to help you build your career over time.

Employability skills

We also can help you with employability skills such as CV writing, interview techniques and soft skills.
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We can help you recruit talented and skilled young millennials to fill your digital marketing, social media, influential marketing and administration roles on a temporary or permanent basis.

Work Placement Grants

Apart from helping you to fulfil your vacancies we can also help you complete applications for the work placement grants such as the Kickstart, T Levels, Apprentice and Traineeship grants where you could be eligible to receive a grant from the UK government of up to £7500 for each young person you take on a placement.

Taking on the right candidate

The digital marketing and social media industry is growing each day rapidly, every day there are new techniques, programmes or software to build up and make your online campaigns or projects successful, but as a business owner, you may not know the latest trends and techniques in the industry and therefore may not know what to look for when recruiting in this field, we can help you ensure you take on the right candidate with the right skillset.

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